Blended+ | Grades 9 – 12

Learning Their Way!

A school schedule designed to fit around your child’s life? That’s more like it.

Is your child is interested in a more flexible school experience?

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Is Blended+ for your family?

Does your child prefer to have the choice to learn at home or in the classroom with high levels of teacher support?

If you said yes to any of the questions, Blended+ might be just the right fit for your life that doesn’t fit into a traditional school day.  

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A Custom Experience for Each Student


As a class, students regularly engage in real-world off-campus experiences that partner with our local and broader community. Field studies, service learning, and physical education experiences will occur throughout the city and province.


Weekly in-person learning time as a class is leveraged to make the most of time together in highly engaging projects, labs,
and activities.


Blended+ is not only online learning. Rather, it is personalized anywhere, anytime learning combined with high levels of teacher support and scheduled live direct instruction.


How does Blended+ differ from a traditional online school? 
The best part about Blended+ is that it’s not just an online school experience. While your child’s schedule is entirely customizable depending on what they need, there is weekly in-person classroom time and many off-campus excursions to deepen their learning. Blended+ is not self-guided learning. It is the intersection of online, off-campus, and in-person teaching that seek to build soft-skills to help students thrive after they graduate high school. 

Will my child still be able to socialize and make friends?
Yes. Blended+ is a cohort-based program with a focus on wellness, belonging, and relationships. Students learn together with their class during scheduled live online classes, in-person during hands-on learning on campus, flex time, and during shared learning experiences off-site. PE/Integrated Studies is available for those who chose the in-person option with other students in Academy and Collegiate programs. 

How does the online learning component work? 
Online learning is both synchronous, including live lessons with classes, and asynchronous, including instructions, assignments, and practice assessments. Students are supported through virtual check-ins, tutorials, and 1-1 conferences. 

How does the on-campus learning component work? 
Instruction includes projects, labs, and interactive seminars, as well as PE and integrated studies. There is also time to take secured tests and exams. Additional flex blocks are scheduled for learning time on campus with teachers and peers. 

What are the off-campus activities? 
Academic experiences include field studies, learning at local maker spaces, attending Telus Spark programs, and joining events like Beakerhead and WordFest. Off-site PE learning includes guided activities such as kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, wall climbing, and curling.  

In the 2021-22 school year, our Blended+ students have already go-carted down the track at WinSport, learned among the picturesque mountains at the University of Calgary’s Biogeoscience Institute at Barrier Lake in Kananaskis and Telus Spark, been hands-on at the Calgary Zoo, with much more to come. 


The Blended+ program is designed to meet our learners' varied needs and lifestyles.

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